Saturday, March 1, 2014

How is MCTC Doing With Regards to Equity? Some Reading Material

A few links to check out:

Minneapolis Community and Technical College Student Equity Audit Report: Findings and Recommendations
"It will be critical to continue to weave diversity and inclusion and equity into every aspect of MCTC’s Strategic Plan, leadership behavior, and infrastructure. In developing and modeling positive diversity leadership behaviors, it is necessary for leadership—including the President’s Cabinet and the Leadership Council –to self-assess one’s mindset about diversity and cultural differences, utilizing a certified survey instrument to measure cultural competence, expertise, and sensitivity."

Minneapolis Community and Technical College Climate Assessment Report
"Our recommendations are based on the optimistic assumption that, with strong outside support, communication about current challenges can be transformed through real dialogue worthy of a learning community."

"Why the no confidence vote and the Presidents’ leadership matters to you, the faculty"
"Our call for a vote of no confidence in the leadership of President Davis is not the result of a personality, conflict nor is it the response to any recent event. Rather, it is the reluctant but determined response of entrenched, dysfunctional leadership spanning four union Presidents and numerous council members."

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